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Professional Stuff  
  Yan Hongming (Engaging in the Research of Museology) 2015-09-15
  Dr. Shuihua Chen 2015-09-16
  Dr. Xingsheng Jin (Engaging in the Preservation, Appraisement, Research and Display of Paleo-biological Fossils) 2015-09-14
  Du Tianming (Engaging in the Research and Education of Physical Geography, Tourism Geography and Paleontology) 2009-10-14
  Ding Ming (Engaging in the Management and Preservation of Collections) 2014-09-17
  Chen Ying (Engaging in the Research and Application of Vegetable Dye, Museology and so forth ) 2009-09-22
  Fan Juntao (Engaging in the Museum Comprehensive Archives Management) 2009-09-15
  Fan Zhongyong (Engaging in the Research of Zoological Ecology) 2009-09-16
  Kang Ximin (Engaging in Museum Management, Display Planning and Designing, and the Research of Museology and Zoology ) 2009-09-14
  Lan Guoying (Engaging in the Research of Education of Popular Science Exhibition) 2009-09-16
  Luo Tuquan (Engaging in the Research of Museum Management and Display Education of Scientific Popularization) 2009-09-14
  Qian Zhouxing (Engaging in Classification of Invertebrate Zoology, Especially the Mollusk ) 2009-09-15
  Shen Hong (Engaging in the Production and Research of Animal Specimens) 2009-10-14
  Wang Weidong (Engaging in the Research of Museum Display and Oil-Painting Creation) 2009-10-14
  Wei Lili (Engaging in the Management of Chinese and Foreign Books and Reference Materials) 2009-10-26
  Xu Yaoliang (Engaging in the Research of Phytoecology, Systematic Botany, Especially Chinese Balsaminaceae) 2009-10-26
  Yang Ling (Engaging in Dsipaly Designing, Itinerant and Special Exhibitions) 2009-09-25
  Zhang Fanggang (Engaging in the Research of Systematic Botany, Phytoecology and Biodiversity) 2009-10-28
  Zhao Lijun (Engaging in the Research of Paleontology) 2009-09-18
  Zhao Shengbiao (Engaging in Museum Display Designing) 2009-09-18
  Zhao Ying (Engaging in Museum Display Designing and Research ) 2009-09-15
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